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The religious right always talks about the Gay Agenda (TM). I always hear this and think "You know, I want one of those." Though with the way my life has been recently, it would be disgustingly mundane.

My Gay Agenda(TM)
  1. Try not to kill the visual people at corporate because there's supposedly a visual update coming through tonight and they want it done before opening tomorrow. Nevermind the store closes in 3 hours, and they've yet to send it to us.
  2. Get out of retail. This will be easier when I get a job in my field. I'm working on that. :\
  3. Get Married. Screw you state governments.
  4. Eat dinner. I'm so hungry.
  5. Get the LJ RP game going with the Girl that we've been sort of kind of talking about. ZOMG ROBOTS!
  6. Finish chapter 2 of Not Quite Paradise
  7. Help The Girl Move at the End of the Month.

Yeah, that's My Gay Agenda (TM). Doesn't it sound exciting? I'm sure I can figure out more later. XD

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Date: 2009-11-11 06:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] glitterbats
Hey hey hey do you know how much we get to customize ours? 'Cause I want something creepy with glitter, so probably we'll need to go with the skin of Edward Cullen. Think it'll cost extra, or will I get a discount for service to mankind?


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