Aug. 31st, 2009

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Okay guys, after taking forever to write my last epic, and trying to ignore this plot bunny, which wouldn't leave me alone, I've decided to indulge my muses and write the sequel to Same Words Different Situation. I'm not quite sure where this will take us, but I do have a general idea of how this one is going to go. I hope you guys enjoy. Also? For everyone asking where Sofu D was the last time around? This fic is for you. XD And now, without any further ado...

Title: Not Quite Paradise - Chapter 1
Fandom: Petshop of Horrors - with a minor dash of Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Rating: PG-13 at least for this chapter
Archive: Ask and ye shall be as gods receive
Warning: Lots of profanity, flashbacks, reincarnation, possible errors about certain medical professions, minor crossover, pregnant kami, Many people named D, sequelfic,
Spoilers: Volume 10 of the Petshop of Horrors manga is mentioned, and will likely continue to be so. The Papa D/Vesca side story from Shin Petshop of Horrors might also be referenced. Also, this is a direct sequel to my fic Same Words Different Situation, so there will be plenty of spoilers for that as well.

Oh, it'll be all right, but it's not quite paradise )


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